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Eastern Crown Spring 2011 List, Sorted.
Crown list with consorts under cut.Collapse )Sorted as per last known updates to OOP.Collapse ) OOP is up to date as of today with mudthaw and coronation updates for New Barons.

fracking emails

My gmail is quickly filling up with soandso "has posted to your Livejournal." Anyone know how to STOP them entirely? I don't want them going to a dead email account, i just want them STOPPED.
The New Iron Man Trailer has just moved me from the "this is going to suck and not live up to expectations" camp, and moved me FIRMLY into the "OMG I CAN'T GIVE MARVEL MY MONEY FAST ENOUGH" camp.


Just got back from Cloverfield. Was entertaining, I'd even go so far as to say Chilling at Certain parts. However there was an abundance of stupidity, or more to the point, the LACK of common sense, on the part of the principles.

The opening party scenes dragged... mostly because you're just waiting for "IT" to arrive.

The arrival was very 9-11ish and I'll agree with farmhouse_ghost on this one, it was a little much.

The bridge scene was awesome. Even though you knew it was going to happen from the trailers, it happens in such a way that you are just stunned by it.

Keeping "IT" vague worked well. The Brief glimpses you see along the way allow you to remain curious right up until the really nice reveal of "IT." Good animation for the most part of "IT" and it's spawn. The Handicam Jerking back and forth between the army and "IT" was a good way to keep the suspension of disbelief.  

The military response was barely believable. There's just not that much hardware within 2 hours of NYC. But Belief suspended, and it was ok.

Otherwise, good matinee priced movie. 


One of us.... One of us....

GAH! What the HELL am i doing here!??!?!

I'll get nazrynn for this, i swear. I know where she sleeps...

After countless hours of pestering, and Finally having folks pester me umpteen bajillion times at events saying "friend me on live journal" I've given in.

Oh well, now to figure how the funk to work in this thingamajig.

P.S. To those in the know... CA-CAW!

Edit: Well, since nazrynn has been showing me how to mess this up... i'll make this public, like it was before she told me to privatize it, again.